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Who is Ezpeasylemonsqueezy in tiktok? Whats happened

idhealt.comEzpeasylemonsqueezy, a Tiktok user, is know to be a fitness powerhouse known for her transformation and weight lifting videos. She has around 74k followers and 1.1 million likes on Tiktok.

The TikTok user posted a video for her on February 12 showcasing her physique on a common TikTok challenge. However, her inconceivable body structure won the consideration of other users and became famous online on all social media platforms.

The video has acquired 6.2 million views and around 900k likes, the highest number she has yet got on her videos on TikTok.

With Valentine’s Day approaching one week from now (February 14), TikTok has cautioned its users to be careful about sentiment scams, in which fraudsters regularly target weak singles through social and dating apps.

“Heartfelt scams answered to the Federal Trade Commission (FTC) cost more than $304 million of every 2020, a half increase from 2019.

As we urge individuals to work with extortion awareness advocates including the National Cyber ​​Security Alliance #BeCyber ​​Smart Continuation (NCSA), Identity Theft Resource Center (ITRC), About-Fraud, The Knoble, Wiser – Free Security Training and Frank on Fraud – We respect TikTok creators who have long troubled the merciless expectation of helping focus on supposed suitors Dating apps or other web-based forums.”

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Sentiment scams are in the spotlight thanks to the recently released Netflix narrative “The Tinder Swindler,” which looks at the story of conman Simon Leviev and his mind boggling scheme to steal cash from various ladies.

Worth an attempt if you should be made aware of risks
(note: Leviev is also apparently dynamic on TikTok).

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