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(WATCH) Full video Kimberly Loaiza “After 12”, her new song

idhealt.com – (WATCH) Full video Kimberly Loaiza “After 12”, her new song Popular YouTuber Kimberly Loaiza informed that it is preparing to post “After 12”, her new song which she is trying to crack the website.

Kim shared on her social networks what the front looks like from the authority single, which will work similarly to a famous musician of the metropolitan type.

It was precisely with singer Ovi that he brought the impact of a joke, where he allegedly kissed her in front of Juan de Dios Pantoja, her husband and father of her children.

Kim Loaiza prepares launch of “After 12”

“The Greater Cuteness” shared a photo shoot for “Después de las 12”, her new song as a team with singer Ovi. The subject “Después de las 12” premieres next Thursday, February 10 and will be on all music systems.

With this, the singer was surprised, because just seven days ago she debuted with the song “Salvaje”, in which she intended to compete head-to-head with Kenya Os.

Watch Full video Kimberly Loaiza “After 12”

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Kimberly Loaiza songs

His stage as a singer was brought into the world stemming from his love for music, which he shared with his partner JD Pantoja, who has also ventured into this field.

“Better alone”, “We are no longer”, “Don’t be jealous”, “You lost me” or “13:13”, are just a few of the songs that Kim Loiza has released in over the past year.

Kimberly Loaiza She always surprises with the evolution of her music, leading us to believe that “Después de las 12” will be a hit with her followers.

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