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Viral Video Of Mason Greenwood’s Lover Bleeding, Suspected Of Violence

idhealt.com – The social media outlets were abuunded on Sunday (30/1/2022) at approximately 2:00pm after mason greenwood’s girlfriend Harriet robson posted part of instagram stories claiming that he was the victim of domestic violence.

Ig stories were uploaded on a continuous post by robson, with blood videos streaming from his mouth, bruises on parts of his body, and tones recordings indicating the Manchester united young star was insisting on sexual interaction.

“To all who want to realize what mason greenwood has done to me,” wrote caption in one of his ig storybooks.

The sonnars of greenwood and “prison fc” exploded on social media. The prison fc itself refers to the potential jail penalty that the player could face if the issue was proven legitimate.

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Whereas ig stories were uploaded at approximately 7:00 in the morning of Great Britain’s time, no formal information came from the club.

The controversy is the largest since greenwood was expelled from the British national team in early September 2020.

Greenwood and also the star of man city phil foden reportedly invited some of the women to their hotel room in reykjavik, after the British victory over Iceland, at the uefa nations league.

The stopover reports came from dv saying that the incident originated in foden and greenwood communication with more than one woman in snapchat. After that, foden and greenwo

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