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VIRAL: The 9-year-old girl was Raped 20 Times by her Mother’s Lover, Filming the Whole clip: Netizen was Angry Because of the ‘Infatuated Mother’

VIRAL: The 9-year-old girl was Raped 20 Times by her Mother's Lover, Filming the Whole clip: Netizen was Angry Because of the 'Infatuated Mother'

idhealt.com — Recently, legal counsel Le Hong Hien – Director of Law Firm Le Hong Hien and Associates (Hanoi Bar Association) shared a story about a mother in Ha Long City (Quang Ninh) who initially pampered her. lover. assaulted his girl but later asked forgiveness for the perpetrator, shocking him.

According to lawyer Hien, once he received a call from a woman named T. (born in 1983) in Ha Long. Over the phone, Ms. T broke up in tears and presented that she was assaulted by her longtime lover many times when the baby was less than 9 years old. Ms. T. earnestly invites LS Hien to protect the legitimate rights and interests of her dear nephew M..

Understanding the serious meaning of the story, LS Hien and 2 associates moved to Ho Chi Minh City. Ha Long, Quang Ninh in the night to meet Ms. T. who is also her girl.

After discussing and gathering lawyers to understand the facts: Around 2019, Ms. T. was acquainted with Nguyen Van H. (SN 1977). The two have gone through a period of separation, Ms. T. is raising her grandson M. (introduced in 2011).

Since adoration, H. often goes here and there, eating and sleeping with her mother and baby girl. Nguyen Van H. was commented by T. as a delicate, reasonable person and especially very fond of M. Usually because he was busy with work, T. also asked his lover to drive him to school.

Around the beginning of March 2022, while holding her lover’s phone, T. saw Ms. H clasping her hand. sex scene, secretly filmed people in the video and was shocked to discover that H. had intercourse with H. his girl. Then H. confessed the whole incident and wrote a detailed report about his infamous behavior to M.

M. also shared that H. forced M. to have intercourse about 20 times. After each time like this, H. threatened to M. not to tell anyone. Even while her mother was washing dishes and doing laundry, H. also played debauchery, lewd or sexual intercourse with the baby.

Based on H’s. According to the report, by H. video, as well as through the testimony of M. grandson, LS Hien assessed that grandson H.’s behavior has signs of the crime of Rape of people under 16 years old (in school. M. is under 10 years old). age). The penalty part specified at Point c, Clause 3, Article 142 of the Penal Code is from 20 years to life in prison or a lower sentence.

However, just a few days after the incident, Ms. T. suddenly “turned around”, earnestly asking a lawyer to pardon her lover.

“Brother, I beg you to spare him… If he goes to jail, he won’t live a year… You give him a way to change his life, if he goes to prison, I will bite the dust “bro”, Ms. T called and cried and told LS Hien.

Although this legal counsel later did a full analysis to make Ms. T. understand that this is a serious wrongdoing that needs to be punished appropriately, M. needs to be restored to justice for the aggravating circumstances. you have to bear. suffering, but not only repeatedly demanded H., Ms. T. also went with H. to Hanoi to meet LS Hien, present and ask a lawyer for legal advice not to reopen the matter.

LS Hien’s share about the “indiscriminate protection” demonstration of his lover’s mother immediately received unusual consideration by society, many netizens left shocked comments. , criticized the mother.

Currently, the case is still being considered by the general public. It is known that LS Hien also informed and sent a sentence of Nguyen Van H. to the Quang Ninh Provincial Police, proposing to prosecute an illegal case and prosecute the accused against Nguyen Van H. for the crime of “Publicity against people.” under 16 years old”. . Read More

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