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Viral Sienna Mae Gomez Responds To Jack Wright’s Sexual Harassment Video

idhealt.com – Sienna Mae Gomez has spoken freely interestingly about Jack Wright’s sexual harassment accusations which he made in a video posted to YouTube about a month ago.

Albeit these rumors have been flowing for north of a year, it is recently that the fundamental parties included have started to speak out regarding this situation.

Recently, Gomez gave a meeting to the BFFs podcast, but not the only one. Hosts Dave Portnoy, Josh Richards, and Brianna Chickenfry were surprised.

They noticed that a lawyer and a forensic master went with Gomez. Gomez clarified that she would answer the enthusiastic questions and that the others would help her clarify the lawful side of the matter.

Gomez’s legal counselor in advance clarified that there are no lawful actions happening on the two sides. But as we progressed, she said that the idea of a maligning lawsuit against different individuals was being considered.

Gomez then made a move to say that she is having some time off from social media and that she is not observing any videos posted on the subject.

Soon later, she reaffirmed that she and Wright have never dated and that they just kissed. When asked about her first response when the allegations surfaced, she said she was as surprised as the whole web.

The Other Harassment Accusations

In the video that Wright posted in January of this year, he stated that other individuals had reached him, saying they had gone through similar situations with Gomez.

To these accusations, Gomez’s legal counselor has said that there are no grounds and that no charges have been lawfully filed.

Now, Richards (one of the hosts) questioned Gomez about the inspiration for Wright to openly make these allegations since Gomez said they were false.

Both Gomez and her legal counselor said they didn’t have a clue about Wright’s reason.

The Controversial Viral Video

Following this, the controversial video in which Gomez is seen sitting on Wright’s lap while kissing him was brought into conversation.

Eventually, the forensic master showed a video-analysis of the viral kissing video. In this analysis, he contended that the video was too short to even think about giving any conclusive proof.

He also called attention to that the recording had been modified several times since its first distribution, making it problematic.

Additionally, Gomez’s attorney later revealed that bots are purportedly being used to send disdainful messages to the force to be reckoned with.

Speaking with regards to this issue, the legal advisor insisted the illegality of the supposed bots: “It’s not just grimy, it’s illicit.”

At long last, Portnoy asked Gomez if she might want to sit down and talk straightforwardly with Wright about the matter.

At first, she said yes; however, being genuinely shaken by this story, she said she probably won’t have the option to.

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