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Video Viral 42 year old English teacher

Video Viral 42 year old English teacher

idhealt.com — On the evening of June 23, VTC News reported that the police of Vu Quang district (Ha Tinh province) are temporarily holding an English teacher at a secondary school in TT.Vu Quang (H.Vu Quang) for investigation. , clarifying the act of raping a female junior high school student. Currently, this unit is carrying out procedures to transfer the provincial police to prosecute and investigate according to its competence.

According to initial information, the teacher accused of sexually abusing a female student was L.D.C. (born in 1980), currently teaching English at a secondary school in Vu Quang district (Ha Tinh). The victim is T. who is studying in grade 6 (residing in Vu Quang district, Ha Tinh province).

Sharing on Dan Tri, the victim’s father said that on the afternoon of June 20, T. went to learn English from teacher L.D.C. In the evening of the same day, T. came home with a strange expression, her parents insisted, but T. did not speak.

“I didn’t tell my parents, but shared it with a friend. Then this friend’s mother called to tell us. At this time, I just said that in the process of learning English, teacher C. sexual abuse”, said T.’s father.

After that, the victim’s family reported to the authorities, denouncing the behavior of Mr. C. At the same time, on the night of June 20, T. was taken to a medical facility for assessment to have grounds. handle. Mr. C. was also summoned by Police H. Vu Quang to work.

“Teacher C. has rented a house to teach more English. After the incident, his psychology is still not stable. I hope the authorities will soon investigate to handle according to regulations” , the victim’s father added information.

Currently, the case of an English teacher accused of raping a 6th grade female student is being investigated and clarified by H.Vu Quang Police.. Read More

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