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(Update) Circulating Rapidly on Whatsapp, Video Link for Beautiful Manado Policewomen

idhealt.comUpdate Video Link Duration 1 Minute 56 Seconds Beautiful Manado Policewoman, Circulating Rapidly on Whatsapp.

Viral a short video with a duration of 1 minute 56 seconds. The video is an obscene video that proves a woman and a man are in a scene in bed. In a room there was a woman and a man.

The male lead’s face was incomprehensible. But the woman’s face seemed to know.

Update Video Link Duration 1 Min 56 Seconds Policewoman

Well, it comes from information circulating, it is suspected that the female actor is a female police officer (Policewoman) with the initials C with the rank of Brigadier General.

Brigadier C is also now reportedly being sought by the police. However, it is not known for certain why the police are looking for Brigadier C.

However, from the news obtained, Brigadier C is a deserted policeman. Regarding the video circulating on social media Whatsapp and Facebook, it is not known for certain whether the female lead is Brigadier C.

But it comes from a chain message circulating on Whatsapp stating that the actor in the video is Brigadier C, which is currently being sought by North Sulawesi Propam. Now the admin provides a link or keyword regarding the existence of the video. but remember that the video should not be misused or made fun of you.

Search Keyword :

Brigadier C is known to be a policewoman who works at the Manado Police Station on a daily basis. The information that has seized the public’s attention has also received a response from the North Sulawesi Police Chief through the North Sulawesi Police Head of Public Relations Kombes Pol Jules Abraham Abast.

“Regarding the news on social media, the fact is that the person concerned is a deserter,” explained Pol Kombes Jules Abraham Abast, Saturday (5/2/2022). He continued, the person concerned was on the Manado Police Wanted List (Dpo) which was issued on January 31, 2022, because he had left his job since November 15, 2021.

Beautiful Manado Policewoman will be dismissed soon

“The Manado Police Chief as the Legal Supervisor will propose Disrespectful Dismissal (Ptdh) to the person concerned through the National Police Professional Code of Ethics Commission Session.

Because the person concerned has left his job without permission for 30 consecutive days,” said Pol Kombes Jules Abraham Abast.

He added that the North Sulawesi Police had formed a Joint Team from Propam who would search for the whereabouts of the person concerned.

The latest news, it is suspected that the person concerned is in the Kendari area, Southeast Sulawesi.

“But even if the person concerned does not return to the unit, either when he is sought or not by the Joint Propam Team, the trial can still be carried out in absentia.

And a court decision can be imposed until the PTDH sentence comes from the police service,” concluded Pol Kombes Jules Abraham Abast. idealt.com . have not received further information regarding this information.

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