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SVP Latest Song Leaked: Fans Hurt, But Gives An Impression

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Fans Hurt, But Gives An Impression Superstar Mahesh Babu’s first single starring Sarkaru Vaari Paata ‘Kalaavathi’ has released on the web. It’s a shame and the star’s fans are harmed because of it. However, they were also impressed.

A glimpse of the first single ‘Kalaavathi’ from Sarkaru Vaaru Paata has been out more than a day ago. It gets an instant positive response and a triumphant energy.

The full song is slated to be released on February 14 with Valentine’s Day at the top of the priority list. Presently, the second part of the single (So Total) is releasing on the web. Lovers got injured with Mythri Movie Makers because of the break. They express their feelings through trends in the social media system.

(Update) SVP Latest Song Leaked: Fans Hurt, But Gives An Impression

The authority look has set a record. They are anxious to set another internet based record for a single when the full song is released. But fortunately the single is cherished by admirers.
S Thaman got a great deal of praise for the infectious heartfelt song that was relied upon to
turn into a chartbuster. The blend of Sid Sriram and S Thaman conceived an offspring o
nce more.

You should see if the creation house sticks to its unique release plans since the break is out. In the past, they stuck to the authority declaration when Pushpa’s first single released the same way. Parasuram directs Sarkaru Vaari Paata. Keerthy Suresh is the heroine antagonist with Mahesh Babu in the film. This business performer will hit the enormous screens on May 12 as a special summer gift for admirers.


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