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Sanremo 2022, Gianluca Grignani Goes Down in The Crowd and Steals The Show from Irama

idhealt.com – On Friday 4 February, at the Sanremo Festival,
it was the turn of the covers.

The singers contending, alongside illustrious guests, wandered into suggestive interpretations of yesterday’s music. Between Morandi’s victory (with Jovanotti and Mousse T), Achille Lauro’s letter to Loredana Berté and the profoundly acclaimed exhibition by Blanco and Mahmood on the notes of “Il cielo in una stanza”, a presence in front of an audience made individuals talk (a ton ) of himself.

Gianluca Grignani, alongside Irama, literally stole the show. Also he went down into the crowd, searching for a contact he had since a long time ago needed – BEHIND THE SCENES – THE TEXTS – THE BEST OF THE EVENING COVER)


Gianluca Grignani Goes Down to The Crowd

On an enthusiastic evening, Gianluca Grignani carried rock to the stage. His descent into people in general was quite possibly the most shared and most remarked performances on social medium. Everybody, starting with those present in the room, showed their warmth for what – without a shadow of an uncertainty – is a genuine hero.

A hero who got lost several times. Which gave Italian music some evident masterpieces. Furthermore who has always struggled to return. Toward the end, Amadeus welcomed him with a “We might want to see you more regularly in Sanremo”.

Furthermore he, with that slightly delicate smile, answered: “We should do a little more Rock’n’Roll and I’ll be there”. All things considered, Grignani truly overwhelmed in front of an audience. Irama struggled to stay aware of him, to contain his enthusiasm and his desire to sing. He did it with esteem, with friendship.

Sometimes, essentially deciding from his look, with a little dread. Or if nothing else that web users have understood. What is sure is that their presentation was cherished. Furthermore that everybody truly sang my story between the fingers (THE SANREMO SPECIAL).

The Controversy Over The Song

However, the exhibition of Gianluca Grignani (PHOTO) and Irama was gone before by a bit of controversy. In the hours going before the episode, rumors spread on the web and in the newspapers that they needed the two in a state of tension.

Truth be told, it seems that, initially, Irama would have gotten a kick out of the chance to carry Paradise Destination to the Ariston. Furthermore that it was Grignani who insisted on My story in my fingers. Not just that: as per Dagospia, the singers would have quarreled. So much so that, until the last, he was unsure that the 50-year-old would show up.

Gianluca Grignani, Irama Defends Him

After the numerous social criticisms addressed to Gianluca Grignani’s exhibition, Irama also interceded, who needed the 49-year-old singer-songwriter on the Ariston stage to go with him on the evening of the covers.

Irama then needed to respond to rumors as per which he and Grignani would have quarreled in the background. “Individuals are awful and stupid, especially in such a difficult second, in which there is so much suffering, there is always so much scorn,” the singer told Rtl 102.5.

“How about we attempt to be close to one another, we should help one another. . We are not awful individuals. We had a good time like insane, let’s be honest. ”

The final word

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