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Rockstar Games’ tweet about the GTA Trilogy is the most liked

idhealt.com – There is no denying how well known the first GTA Trilogy is when checking out Rockstar Games’ tweet history.

GTA 3, GTA Vice City, and GTA San Andreas were three of the most famous and legendary titles for their day. Each title has its respective fanbase today, and it’s vital to understand how instrumental they were to the series.

Hence, it’s no surprise that Rockstar’s new tweet reporting the GTA Trilogy would end up being the most loved ever. It was a simple tweet, but fans were left salivating at the prospect of playing these remastered games.

Fans really loved Rockstar Games’ tweet about GTA Trilogy

The tweet above has the highest number of likes and retweets for any post on the Rockstar Games Twitter account. Unsurprisingly, it also has the highest number of generally speaking engagements for Rockstar.

It has over 354K likes, 66.5K retweets, and 30.7K statement tweets. Thus, it has a commitment pace of 3.39%, substantially higher than whatever Rockstar usually gets.

At last, it’s a 25-second video. GTA 3’s theme song is playing in the background, and the watcher sees Misty’s silhouette with some authority artwork going about as the silhouette. A pink Rockstar Games logo appears, and the same thing happens with one of the GTA Vice City twins.

Then, a green Rockstar Games logo shows up, and something similar happens with GTA San Andreas’ Rochell’le. Viewers then discover that the GTA Trilogy is not far off.

Other popular Rockstar tweets

The above GTA Trilogy post is the second most-preferred tweet in Rockstar history (over 53.7K likes). In terms of retweets, it’s the third-highest for the organization (7.7k retweets). It was part of the same series of tweets as the one discussed previously.

There were three tweets in the middle of this one and the most famous tweet in history sequentially. Those three repeated the same message as what Rockstar shared on its Newswire page: Rockstar is grateful for its fans’ support and how GTA 3’s twentieth anniversary is moving close.

The idea of the GTA Trilogy strongly resonates with the Twitter community. Of course, there’s the usual response that involves a desperate fan arguing for GTA 6. However, most of the discussion revolves around the GTA Trilogy.


GTA Online has been the fundamental focus for Rockstar, and it has (unsurprisingly) overwhelmed a lot of their Twitter reactions. The tweet shown above is the most famous one.

It ranks fourth in by and large retweets (6.9K) and third in likes (45K). Interestingly, this one is somber contrasted with the joyous news of the GTA Trilogy being reported.

Red Dead Redemption 2 doesn’t usually rule Rockstar’s most well known tweets, but one of them hit second spot in terms of the highest number of retweets (25.6K).

In this case, players needed to retweet it for an opportunity to win one of ten Red Dead Redemption 2’s Collector’s Boxes. It included several interesting pieces of memorabilia connected with the game.


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