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Revealed, Arnold Son of Indonesian Designer Orders Human Organs

idhealt.com – The name Arnold Putra became the focus of attention after being dragged into the problem of sending a package that allegedly contained human organs. The package was sent from Brazil to Singapore.

The aftermath of the package, the Brazilian Federal Police is currently carrying out an investigation. According to initial investigations, the main suspect is a professor at Amazonas State University (UAE). “The anatomy laboratory carried out the extraction of body fluids,” the police statement said.

Furthermore, in his statement, the police revealed that there were indications that the package contained hands and three human placentas that were sent from Manaus, Brazil to Singapore.

Currently, the UAE laboratory professor who is a suspect is currently pursuing further investigations. He faces up to eight years in prison if found guilty. Apart from the alleged package of human organs, Arnold Putra has often been the subject of discussion because of his controversy.

Here’s a row of Arnold Putra Controversy

1. Wear clothes like the Pancasila Youth Uniform

More than a time ago, Arnold Putra was in the spotlight because he wore clothes like the Pancasila Youth uniform at the Paris Fashion Week 2022. Arnold’s photo while attending the Paris Fashion Week 2022 was uploaded by the Instagram account @Jakartasneakersday on January 23 last.

In the photo, it looks like Arnold is wearing clothes, pants, and a hat that has patterns and colors like the Pancasila Youth uniform. Moreover, he also gave designation badges and images such as logos on his clothes.

2. Called Giving Counterfeit Goods to Inland Tribe Residents

In March 2020 ago, Arnold Putra became a conversation because he was accused of giving fake luxury goods as gifts to inland tribes. This allegation stems from Twitter account @Superiorgrab tweet.

The account says Arnold gave fake luxury goods in exchange for human bones from that tribe. @Superiorgrab also says Arnold purposely visits outback tribes to use them as ‘props’ for the sake of show off content on Instagram.

“Arnold Putra is the epitome of evil, he prides himself on gifting outback tribes fake designer goods in exchange for human residues and valuables from their (Indigenous) culture.” “He visits remote tribes, uses them as props to show off designer goods on his Instagram,” wrote @Superiorgrab on March 26, 2020.

Arnold often uploads photos with a number of interior tribes in Indonesia, as well as other parts of the world. Another World. In the photos shared, he is indeed wearing branded clothes and goods that are fantastically priced.

Most recently, he uploaded a photo of his visit to Mentawai Island in December 2021. On that occasion, he took pictures with the island’s native tribes and wore Bottega Veneta brand clothes. Arnold was also seen gifting Richard Mille brand watches to indigenous people.

Furthermore, @Superiorgrab also revealed Arnold’s attitude which he considered to not respect certain tribes, religions and ethnicities. “1. Disrespecting Indonesian mummies during rituals of the year; 2. Giving fake watches to Himba (tribe) women; 3. Disrespect for Hinduism with devil’s book in hand; 4. Calling temples in India ‘Satan’s Temple’,” he tweeted.

3. Make a Bag from Human Bones

Quoted from Insider, Arnold Putra is known to make a handbag whose handle is made of human spine and was first sold in 2016. The bag, which is said to be the only one in the world, sells for USD 5,000.

In Arnold’s upload on his second account, @Byarnoldputra, he wrote that the bag was made from the spine of a child suffering from osteoporosis. “Made from all the spines of children with osteoporosis,” he wrote.

In the opinion of a number of experts, they believe Arnold did cause the bag to come from real human bones. At that time, Arnold admitted that the spine came from Canada legally. However, when asked to show formal documents as evidence, he refused because it was part of a confidentiality agreement.

The final word

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