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Rapper Kodak Black Becomes One Of The Victims Of The Shooting At Justin Bieber’s Party


idhealt.comRapper Kodak Black Becomes One Of The Victims Of The Shooting At Justin Bieber’s Party. Hallo everybody, today we present to you all the awful data concerning who our favorite rapper Black Kodak .

Musician Justin Bieber recently held a show and party event in west Hollywood. Tragically, Justin Bieber’s party was colored by terrible news after the shooting episode.

Rapper Kodak Black also known as Bill Kapri was one of three individuals shot outside Justin Bieber’s party. Kodak Black purportedly fled from the scene of the shooting. Kodak Black then attempted to contact the nearest police headquarters to report that he had been the survivor of a shooting.

However, it is not yet clear where Kodak Black might be being treated in hospital or coming up against indictments. As indicated by a recording, Kodak Black left Justin Bieber’s party with another rapper, Gunna.

Kodak Black and Gunna had the opportunity to pause to serve photograph requests with fans. Around then there was a battle close to the region where the party was and the second stopped when 10 shots were heard.

Kodak Black Shooting Video

Kodak Black is known to have a lawbreaker record because he was sentenced to prison in 2019 for possession of a weapon, but was subsequently absolved by previous President Donald Trump.

Until now, there has been no remark from Kodak Black’s representatives with respect to this shooting episode. Drake Madison, who is an official with the Los Angeles Police Department’s Media Relations Division, said several individuals had heard battling and gunshots.

“They (witnesses) heard a battle outside, as several shots were discharged,” Madison said.

In the interim, Justin Bieber is said to be not involved and has shown no sign of being familiar with the episode. The battle is accepted to have occurred outside The Nice Guy restaurant close to the Pacific Design Center, which is the setting for Justin Bieber’s show.

Various well known individuals also attended Justin Bieber’s event including Leonardo DiCaprio, Drake, Tobey Maguire, Kendall Jenner, and Khloe Kardashian.The other two victims in the shooting were a 19-year-elderly person and another 60-year-elderly person who had been rushed to hospital.

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