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[Link] Abhijit patidar jabalpur video leaked on reddit

[Link] Abhijit patidar jabalpur video leaked on reddit

Days subsequent to, shocking details of a lady’s homicide ruled headlines in Delhi. Another gruesome homicide has now become visible, but this time in Jabalpur in Madhya Pradesh.

The accused acknowledged that the lady was killed in a video made with the casualty’s body and shared on social media. The casualty was identified as Shilpa Jharia, 25, who Abhijit Patidar killed.

Abhijit Patidar guaranteed he killed Shilpa by cutting her throat. Shilpa’s body was found in a room at the Mekhla resort in Jabalpur. In a video shared on social media, Abhijit Patidar can heard say “Bewafai Nahi Karne Ka” prior to lifting the sweeping to uncover the casualty’s body.

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In another video, he can pose as a businessman from Patna. He also named a sure Jitendra Kumar as his business partner and guaranteed that the casualty was also engaging in extramarital relations with him. The accused, Abhijit, also asserted that the casualty fled to Jabalpur, acquiring about Rs 1.2 lakh from Jitendra. He also said that he had killed Shilpa on the orders of Jitendra.

Also, in the third video, you hear him say: “Babu heaven mein phir milenge.” Police said Jitendra and Sumit were arrested in Bihar, and Jabalpur police are right now cross examining them.

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Representative Police Commissioner Shivesh Baghel said the accused booked a room at the Mekhla resort on November 6. On November 8, the casualty’s body was found in the lodging after inn the executives broke in. The authority further said that four special units of the police digital squad are searching for the accused.


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