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BREAKING NEWS: Weight Loss Influencer Lexi Reed Hospitalized After Her ‘Organs Started Failing’

idhealt.com – Weight reduction force to be reckoned with, Lexi Reed, has been hospitalized after organ disappointment. Lexi Reed husband Danny took to Instagram to share shocking news.

He composed that Lexi was kept in a therapeutically prompted unconsciousness and is getting “back to health”.

Danny also added that they have admitted the force to be reckoned with to the hospital where she is being kept in dialysis but sadly they don’t have insurance or enough cash to cover clinical expenses.


The post was shared on Lexi’s Insta account alongside her image, laying on a hospital bed. Lexi Reed’s husband Danny composed an extended subtitle under the previously mentioned post where he composed that he and his family have been focusing on returning Reed once again to health.

He composed that a couple of weeks ago, Lexi continued to become ill and was not ready to put any food down while her conduct changed as well.

Thinking about her health, Danny admitted her into ICU where she was put on a therapeutically prompted extreme lethargies, on a ventilator, and added that the specialist let him know that Lexi’s organs have started falling.

Who is Lexi Reed?

It was also added if they had waited any further, she could have passed on. Apart from sharing Lexi Reed’s health condition, the family shared nothing about the cause of her organ disappointment.

The post has collected immense consideration from the powerhouse’s fans who have overwhelmed the remark section with messages of concern and prayers.

Lexi Reed is essentially known for archiving her 312-pound weight reduction venture on Instagram. The 31-year-old force to be reckoned with had acquired popularity in 2016 when she started sharing with regards to her weight reduction venture which incorporated her husband Danny also.

Reed proceeded to lose around 312 pounds while Danny lost 95 of every two years. Discussing her excursion, Lexi Reed had told a magazine in 2018 that she had started this excursion as part of a test to cut out liquor, soda, cheat meals, and eating at restaurants.

In the wake of losing an impressive measure of weight, Reed went through surgery to eliminate around seven pounds of loose skin from the stomach, Lexi had also shared how the pandemic impacted her weight upkeep as she had acquired a bit of weight.

In September, Lexi had shared a post on Instagram where she had illuminated her fans concerning how pleased and cheerful in the wake of losing 312lbs in two years and had added that even however she acquired a bit of weight, she is still blissful. Presently, fans are petitioning God for her speedy recuperation.

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