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Apple Want to Terminate Employees Because Sales Are Decreasing

Idhealt – Apple announced its business performance in Q1 2023. The Cupertino manufacturer pocketed US$117.2 billion in revenue, down 5% from the previous year. With growth slowing, there have been rumors that Apple may be making layoffs like other tech giants. Call it Amazon, Google, and Meta, which have laid off thousands of people.

Apple CEO Tim Cook said Apple has created a new policy to control the company’s spending. In addition, the recruitment process was tightened.

“I see that layoffs are the last resort. “The company will seek savings first through other means,” as quoted from 9to5Mac on Friday (3/2/2023).

Apple Want to Terminate Employees Because Sales Are Decreasing

Reports from the WSJ recently indicated that Apple is indeed avoiding layoffs like other companies. Apple’s strategy is to tighten the hiring process, even after three years.

At that time, other technology giants were intensively recruiting large numbers of employees because business growth had increased significantly during the pandemic.

While the average tech giant increased its workforce from 57% to 100% from September 2019 to 2022, Apple’s workforce growth only stuck at 20%.

The report also indicates that Apple controls the “benefits” for employees, which are not as generous as those at other technology companies. In addition, Apple is also reluctant to invest in technology whose future is unclear, such as AR and VR.

However, Cook also explained that Apple’s layoffs are not something that is impossible. It’s just that, for now, the company is still not moving in that direction.

Another way to save, according to reports, is not to hire new employees when someone leaves.

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