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9th grade girl Viral Video on Son La

9th grade girl Viral Video on Son La

idhealt.com — Regarding the case that the 9th grade girl Son La was gang-raped by a group of young people, causing a stir in public opinion recently, on April 24, the police chief of Quynh Nhai district (Son La province) said that he had prosecuted.

5 defendants, of which 4 have raped a person under 16 years old and 1 person has not reported the crime. At the police station, all 5 defendants (all under 18 years old) have admitted their crimes.

In addition, according to Senior Lieutenant Colonel Tran Viet Cuong – Chief of Police of Quynh Nhai District, Son La, besides the above 5 accused, there is another person who is also involved in the case, but this person is not yet 16 years old and the behavior of the accused is not enough. This is not enough evidence to constitute a crime, so it is not prosecuted.

Previously, a clip that was supposed to record the scene where a 9th grade girl Son La was gang-raped by 5 youths suddenly appeared and spread on social networks, making many people extremely angry. Through verification, the functional force of Quynh Nhai district, Son La province has confirmed this incident.

Specifically, on March 20, the victim was T.T.V. (15 years old) went with a girlfriend to Khoang village, Chieng Khoang commune to drink alcohol. After getting drunk, V. was taken to Lo Van L.’s house (15 years old, in Chieng Khoang commune) to sleep.

Here, Lo Van L., Ngan Van T., Bac Cam T. (both 15 years old) and Tong Van T. (16 years old, all from Chieng Khoang commune) performed sexual acts with the victim. The other two people, Tong Van C., had the act of touching V. and Ngan Van Q. used the phone to record video of the incident. On April 14, the family of the 9th grade girl discovered the incident and reported it to the authorities.

On the victim’s side, the authorities have now sent the 9th-grade female student to a forensic examination to consolidate the file in accordance with the law… Read More

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