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8 Ball Pool Mod Apk Pro 2022

idhealt.com – For game fans, it’s certainly not foreign, when you hear a game 8 Ball Pool Mod. This game involving a ball and stick on the table has been played since the 14th century in France.

Along with the growth of times and technology, this game is now in the form of game applications for PCs and smartphones.

Like its original form, this game also has quite a lot of fans and is spread all over the world. On the Play Store itself, the 8 Ball Pool application has a 4.4 star rating from 22 million reviews that have entered.

The number of downloads alone has touched 500 million downloaders and many of them are active users.

8 Ball Pool Apk Review

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Game 8 Ball Pool is a billiards game that can be played online with all players from all over the world. In this game, you can run 1 versus 1 vs. matches, both in trial mode and popular tournaments. When you win the tournament, you will get a number of coins in the game.

These coins can be used to buy various items or features that help make the game more exciting. By the way, it’s definitely not easy to win the game. Because of that, you will face the top players around the world with unreadable skills and tactics.


However, this is precisely where the excitement of playing 8 ball pool lies. Not only does it relieve boredom from daily activities, but you can also hone your skills in playing billiards. Not only random matches, you can also fight with real world friends who are similar to playing this game.

If you want to collect points and earn titles, then enter various tournaments and win them. Be diligent to keep track of info about the existence of tournaments which are usually held regularly, either weekly or monthly.

What if you are a beginner and are not familiar with the game of billiards? Take it easy, because this game also provides training features that can be accessed offline or do not require an internet connection.

The trick is to press the Practice (Offline) button in the lower right corner. In this feature, you can play the game individually, so it’s good enough to start as a beginner. For the “Pass ‘N Play” option you can use it to play with yourself.

That is, you will be against yourself (you are playing in two different areas). One more thing, the Play Quick Fire feature where you have to try to finish the ball before the time limit expires.

Gameplay 8 Ball Pool Mod

You can also get that fun in the 8 Ball Pool Mod application, which is a billiard game that comes from modifications. The name is also a modification, there must be a disparity with the original
8 Ball Pool.

Interestingly, the disparity actually looks more profitable. In this modified version, you can apply a team platform, for example 5 on 5. This means that each team consists of 5 players and all of them can compete in turns.

That would definitely increase the fun of the game, wouldn’t it? This modification or mod application does seem to be designed in such a way, so that players enjoy various conveniences and profits.

Not just the review above, there are still more than one interesting feature embedded in this modified game, namely:

1. Long line


When you aim and poke the ball using a stick, an imaginary line will appear. In the mod version the line is made longer, so you can more easily predict the direction the ball will roll.

This is because long lines have a fairly high level of accuracy and minimal bugs. Unlike the original version, the imaginary line is made quite short. Thus, you have to think a few times before taking action.

2. Unlimited Coins


In this game, you can get various items to improve the game and change the appearance to be more attractive. These items can be found in a shop in the game. However, all of these items are not available for free.

You must have coins collected from winnings in each competition that is entered. If you have difficulty in collecting coins to buy the desired item, then you can use the 8 Ball Pool mod.

By using the 8 Ball Pool mod, you can get lots of coins which of course can be used to buy various items in the shop as you wish. The good information is that you can get the coins happily, aka unlimited.

3. Anti Banned


Maybe you often hear about accounts that have been banned by developers, because they were caught using cheats or modified applications. This is because the modified version of the application was not made formally by the developer.

Therefore, be careful in choosing a modification application for any type of game. It’s better to use a mod application made by a formal developer with the aim of making the game easier, because it has been equipped with an anti-banned feature.

Game Features 8 Ball Pool Mod

As explained above, this game has features that make the game more exciting. When you enter this game via your Facebook or Miniclip account, you can challenge your friends to a match directly from the 8 Ball Pool.

The embedded online platform allows you to mabar (Play together) with friends without time and reach limits. Then, what features can you enjoy in this 8 Ball Pool Mod Apk game, unlimited money cash and cues?

1. Simple User Interface and Intuitive Control


This game is fairly simple, anyone can be clear and play it without feeling difficult. You can enter the ball and get coins more easily, because there is a control platform in the form of imaginary lines.

Not only long lines, there are also other menus such as a poke energy meter. Derived from this feature, you can estimate how much power the cue needs to push the ball, so that it can enter the hole.

2. Explore Pool Clubs from Around the World


The thing that makes this game exciting is that players have the opportunity to play in pool clubs from all over the world. Of course, if you manage to win all the matches in this game. No need to rush, you can start by participating in small competitions first.

If you win the competition, you will qualify for a higher stage. The higher the strata of the players, the higher the skill of the players in that round. You can visit some of the Ball Pool Line clubs, such as Downtown London Pub, Moscow Winter Club, Tokyo Warrior Hall, Sydney Marina Bar, Jakarta Volcano.

3. Arcade Mode for Beginners


If you are a novice player, then you can practice your billiards skills and compete in Arcade Mode. With this method, you can play against local players at the nearest pool club, before exploring pool clubs around the world.

4. Compete Online


Once again, the existence of this online access feature allows players of the 8 Ball Pool Mod application to compete with other players in different places. This will certainly provide a separate experience for billiards lovers.

5. Unlimited Money and Unlimited Coins


If in the official game you have to win the match to get coins, in the modified version you don’t have to. Through Unlimited Money and Unlimited Coins, you can buy various items that make you a pro player from the start.

Not only that, in this modified version of the 8 Ball Pool application, you also don’t need to adhere to a pay to win platform. Because, thanks to the existence of an advanced cue stick, you will win the competition without having to pay first.

6. Coin Transfer


One of the unique features of this mod version of the game application is the coin transfer feature. When you want to help or ask for help from other players, you can transfer coins to other players.

7. Transfer Skill and Inventory


Not just coin transfers, in this game you can also transfer skills and inventory. That way, you can sell inventory, such as cue sticks which will increase the buyer’s skills. This also applies vice versa, you can also make purchases from other players.

8. Open All Tournaments


The next feature, which is the opening of all tournaments. Even if you are a new player, you can still feel the excitement of tournaments at a higher level. Unlike the original version which will be more difficult to be able to advance to the next tournament level.

Differences Game 8 Ball Pool Mod Version with Original


Based on the description above, it appears that there are some differences between the modified version of the 8 ball and the original version. The following table explains the differences between the two versions of this game:

 Feature Original Mod Version
Tournament Not all tournaments are open. To take part in some tournaments you have to pay using coins.



All tournaments are open from the start of the game.
Multiplayer Players can only play 1 on 1 with other players online.


 Players can use a team system, such as 5 on 5. So that 5 people from each team play alternately.


Mini Games Not everything is open. There are some mini games that have a lot of locked coin rewards and will slowly be unlocked by winning the tournament. All unlocked from the start of the game. So the chance of getting coins is greater.


Download the 8 Ball Pool Game Application Mod Apk


After realizing the variety of features and also the disparity between the mod version and the original, you can definitely decide to download it right away. For this game download, you can’t find it on Google Play Store.

Because the modified application is not registered as a formal application from the developer. Even so, you can still enjoy the game by downloading it via a link or web on Google search or directly via this link:

Download Apk

 Here are the steps:

How to Install the 8 Ball Pool Game Application Mod Apk


Although it must be downloaded via a link on Google, caution must still be applied. Make sure the link leads to a legitimate website that provides a modified version of 8 Ball Pool.

If strange writing appears, then never continue the download process. It is very risky to ride with a virus or malware that can damage the smartphone.

After making sure the link is secure and the storage space is adequate, then continue the download process by following these guidelines:

  • Open a browser using a smartphone or PC, then look for a modified version of the billiards game provider site. As a security reference, you can download the Apk file from the 8 Ball Pool mod.
  • After the download is complete, don’t install the game right away. First, open the “Settings” application on the smartphone you are using.
  • Look for the “Security and Accessibility” menu.
  • Next, look at the “Unknown Sources” option, then click on the box next to the option to enable it.
  • Open the folder where you saved the Apk file for the 8 Ball Pool mod game.
  • Please open the Apk file, then carry out the installation process by following the instructions on the smartphone.

Not a few people have failed in the process of installing the Ball Pool mod, because usually they haven’t activated the “Unknown Source” option. So, first make sure that the option is actually active before the installation process is carried out.

How to Play the 8 Ball Pool Mod Game


After finished downloading and installing the Mod 8 Ball Pool game application, you can play it now. No need to worry, if you are a beginner. Here are guidelines on how to play 8 Ball Pool Mod that you can follow:

  • Players start with a triangular ball and the white ball is placed in the center of the pool table, with the position on the opposite end.
  • The cue stick is at the bottom.
  •  Players can rotate the table by dragging to various angles on the smartphone screen.
  • Later there will be a help line in the game. Among them are white lines to indicate where the ball will move and circles to indicate the ball will land.
  • The white line also helps players see the approximate direction of motion of other colored balls and is important for players to get the right angle.
  •  If the player feels that the specified direction is correct, click the red arrow on the side to indicate the direction of the stick according to the player’s wishes.
  •  Swipe your finger as hard as you can on the stick, hitting the white ball. However, if the ball is close to the table hole, just swipe slowly.

How to play the 8 Ball Pool mod game is quite easy, right? You have to keep honing your game skills, so you can win the tournament. Not only billiards, in this modified version you can also play mini games. In these mini games, you can win matches and collect even more coins.

That way, you can connect to locked pool tables and get more skills that will make the match easier in the end. In addition to all the advantages above, the Mod 8 Ball Pool game can be played for free on smartphones.

You only need to prepare a smartphone and internet quota to be able to enjoy the various games in this game. The presence of the game in the form of this application is indeed the most appropriate solution for billiards fans.

Now, you can play it in your spare time, without having to leave the house or office. Moreover, most of the pool areas are open at night, where the body is already very tired after a busy day. With this application, you can use your free time to hone your skills and tactics to compete.

That’s the review regarding 8 Ball Pool Mod which is easy to operate and guaranteed to work.
Don’t hesitate to start your game in this game. Good luck fighting in the tournament and winning
the game.


Final Word

Hopefully the above information can be helpful and useful for all of you who have read it. Thank you for reading this article to the end. And don’t forget to stay consistent in visiting this website and don’t forget to share this website with your relatives, friends, and friends and keep following idhealt.com so you don’t miss the latest info.

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