3 Health Insurance Bemefits Can Protect You And Your Family

Health insurance

The benefits of health insurance in modern times like today are all very expensive. This happens because in the world of health itself, everything is also getting more expensive. Medical expenses, care, and other costs.

Meanwhile, we as humans are very susceptible to disease. Many things can affect and worsen our health, ranging from the environment in which we live, the food and drinks we consume, and the air we breathe every day. It would be very wise if we love ourselves with protection through health insurance. 


Health insurance will help provide for all medical expenses, medicines, hospitalization, up to surgery. If at any time you fall ill, then the insurance company will cover the medical costs, according to the contract or agreement.

In general, through a number of premiums you pay, health insurance will provide protection to you as a customer. However, the types of treatments or programs available must vary.

There are various types of benefits offered as protection for customers. Here are 3 health insurance benefits that are always offered in an insurance premium.

1. Hospitalization Benefit (Inpatient)

One of the benefits that you will get when you buy health insurance is the inpatient benefit that can be enjoyed by health insurance participants. These benefits include hospital fees, laboratory fees, delivery costs, and emergency services.

2. Benefits Ambulatory (Outpatient)

Another benefit that will be provided to health insurance customers is usually in the form of protection against outpatient costs. This benefit includes the burden of consulting a general practitioner or specialist, prescription drugs, costs for preventive measures, as well as the cost of assistive devices recommended by doctors.

However, there is a maximum limit for the use of funds each year in outpatient benefits. So it’s good, think carefully before using the benefits of this health insurance.

3. Cash Value Benefits

Through this one benefit, the insurance company will pay a certain amount if you are sick and have to get hospitalized in a hospital. This money is dedicated to replace the cost of transportation or our lost income during our hospitalization.

Paying health insurance premiums is a good preventive measure you can take when you are healthy. Pay insurance premiums in advance, little by little, so as not to burden and become a burden for you.

The benefits of health insurance will be felt if one day you experience health problems whose treatment requires large costs. That’s when you will feel that the value of coverage that we will receive from the insurance company is much greater than the value of the premium that has been paid.

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