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14 Different Types of Diet, Which Do You Choose?

14 Different Types of Diet, Which Do You Choose?

idhealt.com — 14 Different Types of Diet, Which Do You Choose?. Generally, diet is considered as one way to get a better quality of health, especially for those who have health problems or are related to medical procedures, or just to improve their appearance.

But basically, in addition to health reasons, efforts to lose weight are the reasons that many people say. Even the diet chosen for weight loss is difficult or difficult.

The number of people who run this diet has also led to the birth of various types of diets that can be widely known. Some of these types of diets are even very popular, especially if they are run by public figures who are always the center of attention.


Day by day, diet methods continue to evolve along with the times and technology. The way the diet was also changed to be more modern. But even so, some diet methods that are fairly classic are still known and carried out by some people

Choose the most appropriate type of diet and according to needs

Whatever your reason for going on a diet, make sure you only choose the type of diet that is healthy and does not pose a risk to health. This is important, considering that there are many people who do not get maximum results from the diet they are running, even though they have tried hard.

Well, don’t let you go on a diet in vain, where you work hard, but don’t get the results as expected.

For that, it is very important to understand the purpose and type of diet that is most appropriate from the start. This will help you to be able to achieve your diet goals on target and of course according to the target or time that you have set.

However, diet is closely related to discipline and also the strong will of the person who runs it. Because most diets will only give maximum results if run for a long time. Make sure you understand this well and choose the type of diet that works best for you.

Then, which type of diet is the most appropriate for you? Or at least which type of diet will you choose? Here are a variety of diets that have been collected from various sources and you can make choices.

1. White Rice Diet

This rice diet is a diet that is quite popular with many people. As the name implies, this diet is run by not eating white rice. We all know, white rice has a high enough calorie content that can trigger obesity and diabetes.

Instead, usually this rice diet is done only by eating foods other than white rice. The replacement can be obtained from foods that contain other carbohydrates such as corn, potatoes or brown rice. All of them have lower calories than white rice

2. Brown Rice Diet

In contrast to the white rice diet which is recommended not to eat white rice, for this brown rice diet it is recommended to consume brown rice. However, eating brown rice is combined with other food ingredients, but the priority is chicken breast.

Diets aimed at reducing weight or shrinking the body are also known as eating rules more often than usual. If you normally eat 3 times a day, then if you are on an angry rice diet, you can eat 5-6 times a day.

3. GM diet

The next well-known diet is the GM (General Motors) diet. This diet is done by drinking more mineral water and avoiding alcohol. Then drink at least 3 glasses of soy milk, and eat 8 bananas.

Not to forget, the diet that started from the General Motors company also avoids rice, sugar, and salt. The GM diet is known to be able to lose weight up to 6-9 kilograms in a week. Amazing, right?

4. Food Diet Without Flavor

This diet is unique. How come? Eating food without taste is very unpleasant, right? But this diet is actually considered the most fruitful for weight loss.

Logically, eating food without taste will certainly reduce appetite. So we will eat in moderation or eat in portions that are not excessive. So, as the name implies, this diet only eats unseasoned foods and no fried foods.

5. Ketofastosis Diet

This diet is carried out by avoiding carbohydrate, high-fat, and protein foods for a period of 6-12 hours, if it is felt to be in a ketosis phase or when the body no longer has carbohydrates (glucose) intake as a food source to be processed into energy.

In this diet, you will find many foods that contain animal, such as chicken, beef, fish, cheese, milk, eggs, and others. So, for those of you fans of vegetables, it seems that you will feel strange about this consumption pattern.

6. The Catogenic Diet

This type of diet is specifically for people with epilepsy. But for those of you who have a slim or thin body, this diet is quite effective.

The Ketegonic diet is recommended to consume a lot of fat, less protein and carbohydrates. Generally recommended high-fat foods such as ice cream, meat, eggs, sausage, shrimp, tuna, mayonnaise, and other foods that are low in carbohydrates but high in fat.

But on this diet, it is also recommended to avoid foods that contain sugar and starch, such as fruits, vegetables, breads, and pasta.

7. Low Fat Diet

If you are on this diet, then the food that must be consumed is low in fat. But that doesn’t mean you don’t eat foods that contain fat at all. You still have to eat foods that contain fat to increase your energy, but in small amounts.

And what should be kept in mind here is to avoid foods that contain saturated fat. Examples of foods that contain saturated fat are foods that are fried in a lot of oil, or better known as fried foods.

8. OCD diet

This type of diet OCD (Obsessive Combuzier’s Diet) is known to many who like it because it is considered more effective in losing weight in a fairly fast time. In this diet, you are allowed to eat whatever you like.

However, the portion of food in this diet is of course reasonable. Well, on this diet a fasting system is applied, where the time will increase as the diet itself goes on.

If at the beginning of the diet, you are allowed to eat for a period of 8 hours, then a few days later, the eating time will be reduced to 6 hours, even 4 hours.

Outside of these meal times, you will fast and only drink water. This diet is fairly effective and has a positive impact on the body. In addition, you can also eat the food menu that you usually eat and you like so far.

9. Diet 5:2

This type of diet is known not only to lose weight alone, but also can have a positive impact on health, such as protecting the brain from the risk of Alzheimer’s and Dementia disease, improving cognitive function, increasing life span, and others.

This diet is also claimed to increase endurance, so it has immunity against various types of diseases that attack.

The 5:2 diet is run with a fairly easy pattern, where people who live it can eat as usual without the need for any abstinence. But in a week you can eat as usual for 5 days, while the other 2 days are for fasting.

10. Dukan Diet

This diet is run by changing the diet, where the food consumed has a high protein content and suppresses the consumption of carbohydrates and fats. The high protein content will cause a longer feeling of fullness.

In the Dukan Diet, you can choose the menu as you like, as long as the food is contained in 100 menus that have been set and are considered in accordance with this one diet. Well, this 100 menu consists of 72 animal sources and 28 vegetable sources.

Not only that, you will also be free to eat as much as you want, as long as it fits within the 100 food menus. This diet is said to be able to provide significant weight loss, even reaching 3 kg to 4.5 kg in the first 5 days.

Even so, this dukan diet has side effects, namely the loss of muscle mass and large amounts of fluid due to rapid weight loss. Not only that, if done for a long time, the dukan diet can also cause fatigue, constipation, bad breath, to damage to internal organs such as kidneys and liver.

11. Diet Food Combining

This type of diet is done by making the PH (Potential Hydrogen) level in the blood neutral with the help of the food consumed. This diet also allows you to eat as much as possible, but with a choice of menus that are natural, as much as possible without undergoing a cooking process or fresh.

If you look at this diet pattern, it is clear that most of the food consumed focuses on fresh vegetables and fruits that are rich in nutrients for the body. In addition to vegetables and fruit, food combining also suggests that food consumption uses a combination of animal protein and carbohydrates that are consumed separately.

12. Paleo Diet

The Paleo diet is quite difficult to run, considering the food menu consumed is very limited and tends to be boring. In this diet, you will eat natural foods such as vegetables, eggs less than 6 weeks old, fruits, lean meats, fish, whole grains, vegetable oils, and nuts.

In addition, you must avoid several other types of food such as potatoes, salt, sweet potatoes, cereal seeds, various dairy products, processed foods and drinks. So, can you imagine how it feels?

13. Diet Mayo

The Mayo diet is known as the slimming method in 13 days. For 13 full days, you will fast on salt, be it foods that are processed and use salt, or a variety of other salty foods.

In this salt fasting process, you will lose all salt and a lot of water from the body, so you will lose weight significantly. Salt has water-holding properties, and if you don’t consume it, your body will naturally release a lot of water, right?

14. Atkins Diet

In the Atkins Diet, weight loss will be done by reducing or even eliminating the consumption of simple carbohydrates. However, this diet allows you to consume large amounts of fat and protein.

Lack of carbohydrate intake will force the body to burn fat in the body, so weight will drop quickly. However, this can also trigger various disorders in the body, such as fatigue, constipation, insomnia, nausea, bad breath, and others.

Choose the Right Diet and Maintain a Healthy Lifestyle

Running a diet is one of the steps to getting a healthier and ideal body. However, it still has to be done the right way from the start. You should still consult a doctor or nutritionist for the right type of diet. So that you can stay healthy and get the maximum benefits from this diet, and continue to maintain a healthy lifestyle.

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